Saint Kilian Parish School Athletic Association, Cranberry Township, PA

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Media file Catholic Schools Sports Coaching Accreditation Program- Online DVD from the Diocese of Pittsburgh

Adobe PDF file Diocese of Pittsburgh Letter on Catholic Elementary School Sport *- A letter from Dr. Ronald Bowes, the Assistant Superintendent for Public Policy and Development Athletic Director, dated January 26, 2011 regarding the appropriate behavior at Catholic Elementary School sporting events.

Microsoft Word file Parent Instructions for SKPSAA Site- This file helps new users understand how to login, navigate, and get team information.

Adobe PDF file Physician's Release Form *- For Celtic Sports, please upload a scanned copy of your completed Physician's Release Form when you register. Alternatively, you can return the form to the school office in an envelope labeled SKPSAA with the student's name, grade and sport registered for. Each student is required to submit a completed Physician's Release Form for each sport they play. For Ironmen sports, please follow the instructions on the registration forms.

Microsoft Word file Site Use Instructions for Coaches

Adobe PDF file SKPS Athletic Association Guideline for Selection of Coaches *

Adobe PDF file SKPSAA Athletes Code of Conduct *

Adobe PDF file SKPSAA By-laws *

Adobe PDF file SKPSAA Coaches Code of Conduct *

Adobe PDF file SKPSAA Parent Code of Conduct *

Adobe PDF file SKPSAA Player Evaluation Guidelines *

Media file Sports Guide for Catholic School Parents- Online DVD from the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

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