Saint Kilian Parish School Athletic Association, Cranberry Township, PA

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Welcome to SKPSAA

Saint Kilian Parish School Athletic Association (SKPSAA) is proud to offer Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Soccer, Track and Field and Volleyball to currently enrolled and registered students. Our teams play a planned set of games/meets within the diocese and adhere to all rules of the sport and the diocese. Developmental teams are in the 3rd and 4th grades while Junior Varsity consists of 5th and 6th grade Varsity consists of 7th and 8th grades. The Junior Varsity and Varsity teams adhere to tighter rules for diocesan play and will maintain a win/loss record for advancing into the finals. Click here to review the SKPSAA Bylaws.

In order to have a successful program, we ask that all parents/guardians speak with your children and determine the sport(s) the students wish to play during the season the sport is being offered. It is critical that both parties in your household want to participate in the sports program to make it successful for your child, your family and for our school. Our coaches have experience in the sport and will do their best to provide your child(ren) with a strong foundation of skills for the sport being played.

  • We believe that this foundation is the key to the success and future of our sports program. Foundation skills components include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Coaches, parents and children behaving in a Christlike manner at all times
  • Children participation in practice sessions and games
  • Children paying attention to the coaches and not horsing around (talking, fighting, arguing) as the coaches, and the association, are not to be considered babysitters but mentors
  • Working on skills and development of the players
  • Working together as team and developing together as a team
  • Beginning to learn and refine the competitive spirit
  • Providing leadership skills to the players
  • Living and playing the Celtic Way, embracing "Honesty, Responsibility, Self Discipline, Compassion, Respect"
  • Making the sport enjoyable and fun for all participating parties!

Students must maintain a C or above to be academically eligible to play sports. Please be advised that children who are not in school the day of their sport activity will not be permitted to participate in the athletic event. Students suffering a severe injury of any kind (on site or off) will not be allowed to participate in athletic events with SKPS, until proof of being cleared by a physician has been received.

Volunteer coaches will be selected by the Athletic Director in collaboration with the Pastor/Principal. The Diocesan Guidelines for Elementary Catholic Schools Sports Programs guides these policies.

If you have any athletic related questions, please do not hesitate to contact the SKPSAA at or Chris Stofko, SKPSAA President, at 724-816-0955.